Willow Creek Stormwater Treatment 2016, Madison, WI

Project Brief

RG Huston acted as the general contractor for this $1.2 million dollar City of Madison storm water quality improvement project.

Project Description

This project involved the dredging of over 1,500 cubic yards of sediment and regrading of the channel shoreline along 200 feet of Willow Creek on the UW Madison Campus.  Our work included the installation of a 16” thick, steel-reinforced concrete channel with an entry ramp and downstream weir.  We also installed 60 lineal feet of 72” x 120” concrete box culvert.  Our creek bank restoration work included using encapsulated soil lifts and native shrubs and grasses.  A major obstacle on this project was controlling the existing creek flow during construction, especially the amount of flow through this area experiences after rain events.


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